Crisis Consultancy

Expert Guidance for Effective Crisis Management and Leadership

Amanda Coleman Communication offers specialised consultancy services to support organisations in managing critical situations effectively. Our expertise spans crisis management, crisis leadership and critical incident management.

With our consultancy services, we work closely with your team to assess and enhance your crisis response strategies, develop robust crisis management plans and provide guidance on effective leadership during challenging times. Whether you require assistance in proactively preparing for potential crises or need expert guidance in navigating an ongoing critical incident, our consultancy services ensure you have the knowledge and tools to handle the situation with confidence.

Crisis Management

When help is needed to manage a crisis, Amanda Coleman Communication can be there to take some of the pressure away. The support can cover any aspect of the response from developing a plan through to creating messaging. This can be an addition to the existing communication team or can take the whole management of the problem.

Crisis Leadership

When a crisis happens those at the top of the business are put under immense pressure. We can help with coaching, support and advice to leaders to help before, during and after a crisis. This includes crisis media training and understanding effective employee communication during a crisis.

Critical Incident Management

If you have a problem that hasn’t yet become a crisis, Amanda Coleman Communication can help you get ahead of the issue. The critical incident management support will help you understand the details of the issue, develop an appropriate response plan and have an escalation process ready to use.

Prepare your team for a crisis

We are here to help you prepare in advance, respond effectively and recover in full. Please contact us for further information.

We all enjoyed the workshop as well as learning a lot from it. It helped give us the confidence to move forward and I am very happy with the outcome.

Head of Comms, National Business