Crisis Training

Comprehensive crisis training programmes

Amanda Coleman Communication offers comprehensive crisis training programmes designed to equip your organisation with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle crises effectively.

Our training options include Bite-Size Crisis Training, a concise and focused programme to provide essential crisis management insights. The Communication Workshop provides interactive sessions to enhance communication strategies during challenging situations. For in-depth learning, our Crisis Communication Masterclass offers advanced techniques and best practices. Additionally, our Crisis Simulation immerses participants in realistic scenarios to test their crisis response skills. With our training, your team will be well prepared to navigate crises and protect your company’s reputation.

Bite Size Crisis Training

Dip into one of Amanda’s two-hour short training sessions looking at key areas of both crisis preparedness and response. Spaces are limited so the virtual sessions can be really interactive.

Dates for 2024

  • 31 January – Influencing to get results in a crisis
  • 10 April – Crisis comunication exercise
  • 19 June – Internal communication in a crisis
  • 18 July – Disaster and emergency communication
  • 15 August – Developing a crisis communication strategy
  • 17 October – Social media in a crisis
  • 20 November – Crisis communication exercise

If you want to book a space or have an idea for a bite size session email office

Communication Workshop

Developing bespoke training sessions for businesses will ensure teams are not just ready but are confident to deal with whatever may happen. Sessions will assess where the need is and develop training to target those areas. If you are not sure where to start or how to identify the next steps let us carry out a crisis comms workshop to identify those issues.

Crisis Communication Masterclass

If you have a crisis communication team, have been through a recent crisis, or have experienced staff let us take your response to the next level. Crisis communication masterclasses can build on your knowledge and experience, ensure that you have developed areas identified in debriefs, and keep you and the team up to date with the latest developments in crisis communication and response.

Crisis Simulation

Truly real-life crisis simulations are available through a partnership with Conducttr the extensive software package. Simulations can be developed to assess every aspect of the crisis response from leadership decision making through to tactical communication response.

Scenarios are developed to be realistic and appropriate to the business and can focus on operational and reputational crises. Simulations can last from two hours to a full day.

The software has been used to help prepare for events as well as to address emerging threats and problems. If you have a crisis management plan or crisis communication plan the software will put it to the test in a safe environment.

Prepare your team for a crisis

We are here to help you prepare in advance, respond effectively and recover in full. Please contact us for further information.

We all enjoyed the workshop as well as learning a lot from it. It helped give us the confidence to move forward and I am very happy with the outcome.

Head of Comms, National Business