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Amanda Coleman is working to start and lead the discussion on effective crisis communication, challenging traditional ways of working, making the best use of technology and on improving and developing key skills.

Testing Times Vol 45

In January 2024 two football matches had to be postponed or delayed due to medical emergencies involving supporters. On [...]

Testing Times Vol 44

At the conclusion of 2023 lots of people were planning to take trips home or abroad and a combination [...]

Testing Times Vol 43

At a time when ChatGPT is turning one, Open AI has been at the centre of a corporate saga [...]

Testing Times Vol 42

In October there was more severe weather that affected the UK. Storm Babet affected many parts of Scotland and left [...]

Testing Times Vol 41

September was dominated by problems with concrete and buildings including schools which led to more than 100 being closed [...]

Testing Times Vol 40

August put the spotlight on data security and the need to ensure adequate systems were in place. There were [...]


Fortnightly crisis focused newsletter. Click here to view.


Short video interviews on Youtube #10minswith. Click here to view.


In addition, Amanda has authored a number of reports including:

  • Building resilience in an uncertain world
  • Living with Crisis
  • On the Edge – risk assessment guide
  • Communicating in the Darkness: Advice for dealing with blackouts
  • Recovery Communication Readiness Assessment
  • Small business crisis comms workbook
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