How can we support your business?

Effectively managing crises

Our comprehensive crisis response service encompasses all essential aspects necessary for delivering swift and efficient responses to reputational threats. We work closely with you to ensure your business is well-prepared to assess, act, and respond when a problem arises.

Comprehensive crisis training programs

Our training options include Bite Size Crisis Training, a concise and focused program to provide essential crisis management insights. The Communication Workshop provides interactive sessions to enhance communication strategies during challenging situations. For in-depth learning, our Crisis Communication Masterclass offers advanced techniques and best practices. Additionally, our Crisis Simulation immerses participants in realistic scenarios to test their crisis response skills. With our training, your team will be well-prepared to navigate crises and protect your company’s reputation.

Expert Guidance for Effective Crisis Management and Leadership

With our consultancy services, we work closely with your team to assess and enhance your crisis response strategies, develop robust crisis management plans, and provide guidance on effective leadership during challenging times. Whether you require assistance in proactively preparing for potential crises or need expert guidance in navigating an ongoing critical incident, our consultancy services ensure you have the knowledge and tools to handle the situation with confidence.

Prepare your team for a crisis

We are here to help you prepare in advance, respond effectively and recover in full. Please contact us for further information.

Amanda ran a lively, thought-provoking and informative session that was useful for all members of my team.

Head of Comms, UK Charity